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Video Interview with Satanaoko

What is the Organization’s classification?

Force Realist Order, in that the organization allows for more than one Force

Realist Philosophy to be taught. This document will primarily discuss, however,

the Light Aspect also known as the “Jedi Aspect” of the organization.

How long has the Organization been in the Jedi Community?

Since 1997

What date was it established and by whom?

ForceMaster Andy. 

How long have the leaders/teachers been active in the Jedi community?

Satelle, Setanaoko and Raven are the longest standing members of the order.

Satelle is our administrator and a member of the IC if there is a need, she has

been with the order on and off since around it’s founding. Setanaoko and Raven

have been with the order since the early 2000s. Sotunus is also amongst the

leadership, and has been with the order since the early 2010s, but was originally

with Real Jedi Knights and Tenebrae Surgunt in the early 2000s.

Is the Organization online, offline, or both?


Does the Organization have a primary time zone?


What is the Organization’s purpose and mission?

The Light Aspect of the Force Academy was a center of Jedi Instruction for decades; providing leadership, education, and the means to find spiritual, mental, and physical advancement in each Jedi-Learner’s personal life. Today, our Seminary branch continues that fine tradition and provides an environment that encourages confidence, a sense of community, and team spirit within each Learner. We work with you to help you connect to the world around you. To discover who you are and that there is nothing you cannot accomplish

What is the Organization’s focus of study?

Force Academy uniquely has been a place for people of different Star WarsInspiredPhilosophies (the term “Force Realist” was inspired by Force Academy).

Today it only has two aspects, the Light (traditionally known as the Jedi Aspect)

and Shadow (a unique tradition to Force Academy). Though historically we have

hosted other aspects, such as the Dark (mostly known for it’s Sith Path),

Independent and Universal Aspects. We are open to new aspects coming in,

though it takes effort to create a viable aspect before it is accepted as a

recognized Aspect.


While we do have our own set up for knights and masters, we are foremost an

education order which focuses on helping Jedi better understand how to

manifest the Jedi Compass in their lives both philosophically and practically, via

the “Jedi Navigation System”. Our organization is recognized by International

Jedi Federation as a valid training organization which adheres to their “Jedi

Education Program” guidelines. Our training program can be done either in a

semi-closed space on the forums or a more private space using the Learning

Management Software “Moodle”.

We also offer a training program for Jedi Mystic (clergy) aspirants after a person

has completed the Jedi Navigation System at Force Academy or obtained a

knighthood at International Jedi Federation. Neither organization grants legal

ordination status at this time.

What is the Organization’s attitude towards cosplay, role-play, or saber duels?

We are not against these things, but we do not acknowledge them as being a

part of the Path itself. We do, however, have a Jedi Master who is certified to

use Role-Playing as a mental health tool for his Professional Counseling Services

offline. This is considered one of his “Defense Arts”.

What does being Jedi mean in the Organization?

It means embracing a heroic journey, informed by the Jedi Compass, so that

they can better the world around them.

What does the Organization define the Force as?

We allow every individual person to define the Force for themselves in

accordance with the Jedi Compass’ guidance on the Force.

Does the Organization teach any other paths/philosophies?

Force Academy uniquely has been a place for

people of different Star Wars-Inspired Philosophies (the term “Force Realist” was

inspired by Force Academy). Today it only has two aspects, the Light

(traditionally known as the Jedi Aspect) and Shadow (a unique tradition to Force

Academy). Though historically we have hosted other aspects, such as the Dark

(mostly known for it’s Sith Path), Independent and Universal Aspects. We are

open to new aspects coming in, though it takes effort to create a viable aspect

before it is accepted as a recognized Aspect.

What age ranges is the Organization available to?

You must be at least 13 years of age to participate at our order.

How many active members does the Organization typically have?

We aren’t very big at the moment. Collectively, the entirety of FA has roughly 10

active members on average in our Discord (which has far more activity than our

website/forums). We have about 5 Light Aspect students at the moment which

only interact on the website.

How are they categorized?

We have Student, Apprentice, Knight and Master. We do not, however, have

many members at the moment and therefore the ranking structure may not seem


What are the qualifications and expectations for the different categories?

In the Light Aspect, we have Knights, and then we have a specialization of Jedi

Mystic (intended to facilitate a clergy class of Jedi). In time we will expand this to

include a specialization for Guardians. When we do have Guardians, that can be

addressed then.

For now, the qualification for “Jedi Mystic” is that you need to undergo our

training program, which consists of:

Responsibilities of the Jedi Mystic The Labyrinths of Jediism

Inner City Meditation Psychological First Aide

3 Electives under “Theological Studies”

To receive Mastery as a Jedi Mystic, you are required to either create a class that

can be added to the Theological Studies electives (it must have some

connection to something within the Jedi Compass to qualify), or write a thesis

tying the Jedi Compass to something in an established religion (Christianity,

Buddhism, Paganism, Native American traditions, African Traditions, etc);

followed by a Master’s Labyrinth Trial.

Is the Organization hierarchical, democratic, holarchy, or other?

We are run by a council with guidelines that inform a democratic structure

amongst the council group.

What is the administrative structure/ leadership like?

Each aspect has a council, and then there is an Inner Council comprised of members from the respective aspects plus our website’s administrator 

Does the Organization have checks and balances on titles/power dynamics?

Each aspect has their own method of keeping accountability of the members

that ascribe to their respective aspects. However, there is an Inner Council –

composed of a leader from each aspect and the Site Administrator – which

handles anyone that violates our terms of service. Accountability in the Light

Aspect is further informed by the Virtues and Ethics of the Jedi Compass.

What is the Organization’s goal for each student?

It’s unique to each aspect. As the person filling this out is on the Light Aspect

Council, I will not speak to the mission and purpose of our sister aspect, the


The Light Aspect, however, has a primary goal of supporting a student to their

own goals- which may or may not be to become Jedi. We acknowledge that not

everyone who comes to the Jedi Path is actually seeking to become a Jedi by

the time they learn what it means to be a Jedi. So our goals are to give teach

them what it means to be a Jedi, and provide them with tools they can use

regardless of whether or not they will ultimately remain with the Light Aspect.

What type of learning environment does the Organization foster?

The Light Aspect uses Moodle to facilitate our training program. This

allows a student to keep their training private where only the teachers

have the ability to read and interact with what is written within the


Students may also choose to interact with the training program on the

forums if they have difficulty with the Moodle Software or want to have

more than just teachers on the forum comment on their training as they


What is the course structure toward Graduation, Knighthood, or Mastery?

You need to complete the Jedi Navigation System, undergo an apprenticeship if

it is recommended by the Director of Education, and teach a class (either

publicly or with a minimum of 2 council members) that demonstrates you can tie

at least one tenet of the Jedi Compass to a topic of your choosing, and finally

undergo a review by the council.


Masters are assessed based on what they do with their Jedi Path. Where the Jedi

Knight learns about the Jedi Arts in the Jedi Compass before they are given

knighthood, in order to achieve mastery they have to choose a personal life

mission for their chosen community and develop their Jedi Arts in order to

facilitate that mission. The community they choose may be online or off, and it’s

not as simple as a long-term project which ends. Instead, it becomes a part of

their life-long work. Once a person can demonstrate that they are actively

applying the Jedi Arts in this way, a master of the order may recommend them to

the rank of Master and the council will review the recommendation.

How much time commitment is expected?

Depends on your level of dedication and what experience you have prior to joining. One student got through the entire program in just over 3 months. After going through the training program prescribed for everyone, the team may determine that more training is needed under the guidance of an apprenticeship before you can go through the knighting trials.

Does training in the organization cost money? Any member fees?

No, it doesn’t cost money for most training. However, if you want to take the

more advanced course (Bachelor’s Program), we do have workbooks on Amazon

that are used to facilitate the program. The money for these books goes towards

funding offline Jedi Gatherings.

Are there other groups the Organization has positive affiliations with?

Our leadership has positive relationships with most recognizable Jedi

Organizations. But officially the only organization we are partnered with is

International Jedi Federation, and their respective offline chapters.

Does the Organization have political views/values that align with a certain party or disposition?

Everyone is entitled to their own political views, so long as they are not a threat

to others. We do not discriminate based on political ideology, but rather actions

taken and hate speech.

Does the Organization participate in any philanthropic activities?

Our order seeks to grow individual Jedi so that they can take up a personal

Heroic Journey to help their fellow man. In an apprenticeship, our goal is to get

students to explore how they can best use the Jedi Arts section of the Jedi

Compass to find their own Call to Adventure. We believe that by helping

individual Jedi develop their own unique skills and talents, they can do more for

their communities than we as a collective organization can do in one small area

Is the Organization open to LGBTQ members?


Is the Organization open to members with mental illnesses/ disabilities?

As long as a person adheres to our Terms of Service, they are free to be part of

the organization. Although we recognize that there are some mental health

illnesses which prevent a person from being able to actively follow the rules, our

priority is to facilitate a learning environment that will not bring harm to anyone

involved at the order. On at least one occasion, we had to acknowledge that being part of the order was more damaging to a person’s mental illness than it was to allow them to continue with the order and removed them.

What is the Organization’s website and/or discord channel?


Discord: You can find the link on our the site, please register with the site first

Who is the main point of contact for the Organization?

Setanaoko and Raven

Are the leaders visible or easily reachable for communication by initiates/students?


Does the Organization host gatherings/meetings with its members?

Not at an organizational level.