International Jedi Federation 

What is the Organization’s classification?

We would be considered an order.

How long has the Organization been in the Jedi Community? 

We have been part of the Jedi Community since 2015.

What date was it established and by whom? 

We began in our current form in 2015 when leaders from the Chicago, Indiana,
Heartland, California, Virginia, and Kansas Jedi groups came together for the
expressed purpose of community, organization, and support.

How long have the leaders/teachers been active in the Jedi community?  

Several of our leaders and teachers have been active in the Jedi community for nearly

20 years.

Is the Organization online, offline, or both? 

We are both online and offline.

Does the Organization have a primary time zone?

We primarily utilize Eastern/Central Standard Time.

What is the Organization’s purpose and mission?

Our vision and mission are building peace and justice while promoting diversity.

Guided by our training we improve ourselves, serve the community, and help the

world around us.

What is the Organization’s focus of study?

Our education program provides comprehensive training that explores the tenets of

the Jedi Compass. As such we cover areas such as Meditation, the Force, the Jedi

Code, Ethics, and various Jedi Arts.

What is the Organization’s attitude towards cosplay, role-play, or saber duels?

We welcome those who wish to pursue interests in cosplay, role-play, and saber

dueling. We utilize elements of each into our training and ceremonies.

What does being Jedi mean in the Organization? 

Drawing inspiration from the fictional Jedi, we live out the Jedi philosophy. Guided

through our training we improve ourselves, serve the community, and help the world

around us.

What does the Organization define the Force as?

The Force is open to interpretation and is something that is explored in our training


Does the Organization teach any other paths/philosophies?

We have seen a few different ways that the Jedi Path is expressed. One could be a

Consular, Mystic, or Guardian. We recognize that the philosophy is always adapting

to the current time and other expressions may present themselves.

What age ranges is the Organization available to? 

We welcome all ages to participate in our organization. However, if someone is

below the legal age, we require the consent of a legal guardian.

How many active members does the Organization typically have? 

In our Facebook group, we have roughly 250 people. I would venture that 10 percent

of those are active in the organization.

How are they categorized? 

We have people who are members of the organization itself. Some are members by

virtue of being in a chapter of the organization. Others are members as they are part

of an affiliated organization

What are the qualifications and expectations for the different categories? 

Members are to adopt the Constitution and Bylaws of the Jedi Federation and abide

by the Code of Conduct.

Is the Organization hierarchical, democratic, holarchy, or other? 

We see ourselves as a holarchy. Without our members, affiliates, and chapters, we

would not be a healthy organization.

What is the administrative structure/ leadership like? 

We have a Board of Directors that serves a supervisory function and an Executive

Board that serves a managerial function. The Board of Directors are elected from

among the knights. The Executive Board is comprised of representatives from

among the chapters.

Does the Organization have checks and balances on titles/power dynamics? 

Everyone is subject to the organization’s Code of Conduct. In addition, should a

Knight or Board Member abuse one’s authority, we have avenues by which to

remove one’s title and/or position.

What is the Organization’s goal for each student?

We hope that anyone who undertakes our training can attain the rank of Knight.

What type of learning environment does the Organization foster?

We endeavor to create a space where a student is free to ask questions with teachers

that are accessible.

What is the course structure toward Graduation, Knighthood, or Mastery?

As stated earlier, we utilize the Jedi Compass to provide the structure of our classes.

In addition to this training program, one must also undergo a background check,

provide letters of recommendation from an Federation Knight and a member of the

Jedi community, successfully pass the Trial of Spirit, and sit before a Knighting Panel

for review.

How much time commitment is expected? 

Training ranges anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on the attention a learner

gives to the program.

Does training in the organization cost money? Any member fees? 

There are no fees for training in the organization.

Are there other groups the Organization has positive affiliations with?

Force Academy, Jedi Praxeum, Jedi Church

Does the Organization have political views/values that align with a certain party or disposition?

As we have members from across the US and other countries, we do not align with

any political party.

Does the Organization participate in any philanthropic activities? 

The order at this moment does not champion any specific cause. However, we

encourage our members to support any charity that has meaning to them.

Is the Organization open to LGBTQ members? 


Is the Organization open to members with mental illnesses/ disabilities? 


What is the Organization’s website and/or discord channel? 


Facebook Group:

Who is the main point of contact for the Organization?

President – Gabriel Calderon

Administration – Ross Greenberg

Director of Education – Alethea Thompson

Are the leaders visible or easily reachable for communication by initiates/students? 


Does the Organization host gatherings/meetings with its members? 

We have an annual gathering in the summer. Our chapters will have meetings

throughout the year.