Jedi Community Action Network (Jedi CAN)

What is the Organization’s classification?

 It is a community-wide, community service network

How long has the Organization been in the Jedi Community? 

It has been around in some form for 9 years

What date was it established and by whom? 

Established by Rosalyn and Setanaoko 9 years ago

How long have the leaders/teachers been active in the Jedi community?  

I’ve been active since May 2012, Ally just entered her second decade

Is the Organization online, offline, or both? 

Online for now

Does the Organization have a primary time zone?


What is the Organization’s purpose and mission?

Jedi Community Action Network (Jedi CAN) is a space where individuals who consider service an essential part of the the Jedi Path can come together to discuss: -Strategies -Issues -News The goal is to strengthen the Jedi CAN is to serve as a network to combine our efforts as a community for service to the world 

What is the Organization’s focus of study?


What is the Organization’s attitude towards cosplay, role-play, or saber duels?


What does being Jedi mean in the Organization? 


What does the Organization define the Force as?


Does the Organization teach any other paths/philosophies?


What age ranges is the Organization available to? 


How many active members does the Organization typically have? 

For now, 2-5

How are they categorized? 

No categorizations are active at present.

In the future we do plan to have: 

Force Corps, Research Corps, Outreach Corps and Peer Support

What are the qualifications and expectations for the different categories? 

1.)  Force Corps – Volunteers who pledge to focus healing energy, or energy aimed to bring about constructive harmony, to the victims of a disaster through either MBOs, Meditation, Prayer and/or Ritual


2.) Research Team – Volunteers who pledge to assist victims of Disasters in finding resources that can help them overcome their loss.


3.) Outreach Guild – Volunteers who pledge to find creative ways to engage their local/online communities in raising funds for victims of a disaster.


4.) Peer Support – Volunteers who pledge to make themselves available to people who are impacted by a Disaster and would like for someone to keep up with them while they get through the disaster.

Is the Organization hierarchical, democratic, holarchy, or other? 

Our organization is small. When it gets larger we will likely settle on a leadership structure, but as of right now, Setanaoko and I work as a team

What is the administrative structure/ leadership like? 

See above

Does the Organization have checks and balances on titles/power dynamics? 

As I said, our organization is small. As of right now, we are taking in all ideas to get Jedi CAN off the ground 

What is the Organization’s goal for each student?


What type of learning environment does the Organization foster?


What is the course structure toward Graduation, Knighthood, or Mastery?


How much time commitment is expected? 

As much as they are able

Does training in the organization cost money? Any member fees? 


Are there other groups the Organization has positive affiliations with?


Does the Organization have political views/values that align with a certain party or disposition?


Does the Organization participate in any philanthropic activities? 

We have over the years. I can’t recall them

Is the Organization open to LGBTQ members? 


Is the Organization open to members with mental illnesses/ disabilities? 


What is the Organization’s website and/or discord channel? 



Who is the main point of contact for the Organization?

Rosalyn or Setanaoko

Are the leaders visible or easily reachable for communication by initiates/students? 


Does the Organization host gatherings/meetings with its members?