Jedi Conclave

What is the Organization’s classification?

The Jedi Conclave is classified as a Training Order.


How long has the Organization been in the Jedi Community?

Over two years, almost onto its third year of internal and external activity.

What date was it established and by whom? 

Our Order was founded officially on the 9 th of February 2020 by Knight Madhatter, Knight Kit Soulcraft, and Knight Raxicorico as Council and Knights Arisaig Winterthorn, Kobos, and Thomas Faulkner as the Knights Corps. It was active before this point, in setting up, but was made accessible to the public on this day.

How long have the leaders/teachers been active in the Jedi community? 

Some go as far back at a decade, but none of our leadership/Knights have been in the

community less than five years.

Is the Organization online, off-line, or both?

The Jedi Conclave meets online, but trains its members to represent Conclave wherever they go, online or off.

Does the Organization have a primary time-zone?

EST, American East Coast.

What is the Organization’s purpose and mission? 

Our Order’s mission is to build up Jedi, strengthen fundamentals, and build up Jedi that can competently act in accordance with our Precepts, even if they do not seek Knighthood.

What is the Organization’s focus of study?

At this time the Jedi Conclave’s primary focus of study is to create Jedi that can stand alone with solid fundamentals. Second to that, we study the Path to Knighthood.

What is the Organization’s attitude towards cosplay, role-play, or saber duels?

The Jedi Conclave is rooted in reality, in what is. We are Jedi, no matter what we wear so

as long as anything we symbolize doesn’t disrupt or go against our Pillars (The Force, Wisdom, and Empathy). However, many can find ways to serve through cosplay charities, and have, and we encourage them to be the best Jedi they can be, no matter what they wear.

What does being Jedi mean in the Organization?

Being a Jedi means various things to various people. However common parts of the Path

would be service and a belief in the Force as defined by the individual Jedi. To be a Jedi is to be a guardian of peace and systems of peace, and the individual Jedi is expected to have their own understanding of what this means and to train always to be ready for when the Force calls upon them.

What does the Organization define the Force as?

The Jedi Conclave doesn’t define the Force, and leaves that up to the individuals

understandings and experiences with such. We merely enforce an adherence to that belief.

Does the Organization teach any other paths/philosophies?

The Jedi Conclave only teaches Jediism/Jedi Realism

What age ranges is the Organization available to?

The Jedi Conclave can accept people as young as thirteen with informed parental consent,

and we would require a meeting with said parents to ensure they understand what we do and how we would keep their child safe. However, apprenticeships can only being at sixteen, and Knighthood cannot happen before the age of eighteen.

How many active members does the Organization typically have?

As of writing this the Jedi Conclave has over forty active members. Typically at any time

about twenty of these are regularly active.

How are they categorized? 

The Jedi Conclave has a ridged ranking/training structure from Guest to Master (Member,

Novice, Initiate, Apprentice, Knight, Senior Knight, and Master) . Our most common ranks are Member, Apprentice, and Knight.

What are the qualifications and expectations for the different


All ranks are expected to carry themselves as Jedi. But the only ones that have qualifications and advanced expectations are Apprentices and above, as these people have actively chosen to or are training to represent our Order to all. Apprentices and above have all completed a level of training that has shown their diligence in their training and baseline to attaining said rank.

Is the Organization hierarchical, democratic, holarchy, or other?

The Jedi Conclave is Meritocratic in practice, but in layout it is Hierarchical. Those that wish to attain a ‘say’ in how we manage our community show their merit through training and bringing that training into their daily lives. Every person, Knight and above, has a say in the community and how it handles its proceedings.

What is the administrative structure/ leadership like? 

The prominent leadership would be in the Council. Each Councillor hosts and manages some aspect of how the Order proceeds (ie. Education, Membership Affairs, Clergy, et cetera). However the Knights Corps also can view and participate alongside Council discussions, and the Knights Corps as a whole also has a Council Vote in any and all Council matters calling for a vote.

Does the Organization have checks and balances on titles/power


Everyone is beholden to our group rules. Violations of non Council members are handled by our moderation team. Should a Council member violate the rules the rest of the council is able to vote to enact various forms of correction, and has done so in the past.

What is the Organization’s goal for each student?

To create excellent Jedi with strong fundamentals so that their training doesn’t fail them when they call upon it.

What type of learning environment does the Organization foster? 

One of openness and acceptance. No one comes to the Jedi Path perfect, nor does any Jedi have the ability to boast perfection. But we can enforce one of respect for our fellow Jedi, so all Jedi that adhere to our Pillars and actively subscribe to our Habits can find themselves in a safe and loving environment.

What is the course structure toward Graduation, Knighthood, or


From Member to Initiate (one whom has completed The Initiates Path (TIP)), one can expect to complete 100 points towards our A.Div degree. Through apprenticeship a member can expect to work through an additional 250 points towards the aforementioned degree, 50 of which must be in lesson creation and teaching to best prep them for being able to pass on what they have learned. If accepted, an apprentice can be made a Knight and can continue through private training towards Senior Knighthood and Mastery, which includes training others and writing a personal document for the Jedi Conclave Library.

How much time commitment is expected?

The Jedi Conclave cannot enforce nor does it enforce time frames. However, at the moment the fastest one can go from member to Knight is two years.

Does training in the organization cost money? Any member fees?

The Jedi Conclave can accept donations, and we do have merchandise that helps fund our operations. But there is no pressure or requirement to spend any money for training. A

Training Master and their Apprentice may agree on purchasing material for training, but again this is not a requirement. One can go through from member to Master without spending any money.

Are there other groups the Organization has positive affiliations with?

We would like to think the Jedi Conclave is respected by many other Jedi communities, but wouldn’t assume anything on that matter.

Does the Organization have political views/values that align with a

certain party or disposition? 

The Jedi Conclave does not tolerate views that counteract against our Pillars (The Force,

Wisdom, and Empathy). Otherwise, we accept all respectful views/values.

Does the Organization participate in any philanthropic activities?

We do not have any specific philanthropies that we support as an Order as we leave it to the individual to support charities they have faith in. We do, however supply our teachings at no cost to the individual students/members of our Order in our bid to see each become their best self and the best Jedi that they can become.

Is the Organization open to LGBTQ members?

Very much so. The Jedi Conclave has many LGBTQIA+ members, and its founding Council was 100% LGBTQIA+ members. Our Order created itself around the ideals of freedom to live as oneself, free from oppression. The Force is in us all, and the Force does not discriminate.

Is the Organization open to members with mental illnesses/ disabilities?

The Jedi Conclave redid its entire TIP to assist those with mental or physical limitations, as its initial form was formed around a neurotypical mindset. We are happy to say that its new form has assisted so many amazing Jedi that otherwise were hindered in their processes towards apprenticeship as a result of this. We can, have, and always will work towards ensuring no one that adheres to our values is barred from being Jedi by something as simple as level of ability.

What is the Organization’s website and/or discord channel?

The Jedi Conclave primarily operates on discord but we also have a website.



Who is the main point of contact for the Organization? 

Our main point of contact would be our Head of Membership Affairs, 

Knight Councilor Madhatter (Dan Hatter / MadHatter#6132)

But otherwise one can also contact Knight Arisaig Winterthorn (Everett Ratcliffe/ Arisaig


Are the leaders visible or easily reachable for communication by


All leaders can be reached privately or publicly within its halls. If a specific member of

leadership isn’t available, we all work hand in hand to assist and work alongside anyone

whom needs assistance/communication.

Does the Organization host gatherings/meetings with its


The Jedi Conclave is currently hosting the 2023 European Jedi Gathering. We also have

encouraged members that we find local of each other to get together for local

gatherings/remote group lessons/community service.