Jedi Praxeum

What is the Organization’s classification?

A school; an academy for Jedi.

How long has the Organization been in the Jedi Community?

For 3 years, since December 2019.

What date was it established and by whom?

December 2019, established by Karen Schwob-Ticknor

How long have the leaders/teachers been active in the Jedi community?

Various lengths of time, between 12 and 16 years. A couple members have 40 years approximately of related Esoteric spiritual training and activities.

Is the Organization online, offline, or both?


Does the Organization have a primary time zone?

Central Time, US. But it tries to accommodate other time zones within 2 hours as best as it can.

What is the Organization’s purpose and mission?

Jedi education with the end of helping students with their own journeys on the path and self-development.

What is the Organization’s focus of study?

The Force and it’s peripheral studies.

What is the Organization’s attitude towards cosplay, role-play, or saber duels?

It is not an emphasis as studies towards real life applications are the focus. But it is not

discouraged as a form of entertainment or recreation.

What does being Jedi mean in the Organization?

To be a Jedi at Praxeum is to carry its values and traditions, to exemplify the Jedi way, and support the Praxeum membership as family.

What does the Organization define the Force as?

The Force is ultimately defined by the singular perspective of the individual Jedi for that Jedi. In general, and as it is taught at the Praxeum, The Force is defined as the flow of energy that unites all things in the Universe and is in fact an aspect of the Universe. As such it can be utilized as a guide, much like how one would follow a river for orientation and survival in the vast wilderness.

Does the Organization teach any other paths/philosophies?

It sometimes incorporates the concepts and ideas of other mystical traditions in it’s curriculum but always as it applies to the Jedi path.

What age ranges is the Organization available to?

It is not a question of age but maturity and openness to learn. Generally, it is frowned on taking in anyone under 18 but with deliberation there may be an exception made for an extraordinary path seeker as young as 16 years of age on demonstration of advanced maturity.

How many active members does the Organization typically have?

The number of active participants at the Praxeum is currently in flux but the core, including Knights and excluding dedicated students, is about 16 currently.

How are they categorized?

Students (new and continuing seekers of the Jedi path), Knights (accomplished students who continue their studies and support Praxeum activity), Council (the administrators of Praxeum).

What are the qualifications and expectations for the different categories?

Students are required to take up studies as per Praxeum curriculum to the end of continuing as Knights in the service of Praxeum interest.

Is the Organization hierarchical, democratic, holarchy, or other?

It is chiefly democratic in service of the student body. The Council with the support of the Knighthood help create policy and enforce policy for the school as well as the curriculum for students’ studies.

What is the administrative structure/ leadership like?

It is currently skeletal and looking to bring in more Council numbers currently. It’s endeavor and its mission is to promote an Academy that prioritizes education and self-development in a fair and safe environment for those embracing the Jedi path.

Does the Organization have checks and balances on titles/power dynamics?

Titles are less important to Praxeum structure than effort and participation. Those most

involved achieve more within the Praxeum. All Council members check each other then with most matters then bring these to the Knighthood for further evaluation and input. As a result, final enforceable decisions take a great while as these matters are run through Council then through the Knighthood or visa-versa.

What is the Organization’s goal for each student?

To give them the tools for continual self-improvement while walking the Jedi path.

What type of learning environment does the Organization foster?

It is the goal of the Praxeum to provide a nurturing, safe and peaceful environment that benefits each student in their studies and self-evolution.

What is the course structure toward Graduation, Knighthood, or Mastery?

A seeker of the Jedi way enrolls, commits to a program of study and on completion of the basic course, can elect to become a Praxeum Jedi Knight. The student can then submit a petition for Knighthood, the petition is deliberated on by the Council (there could be Knighthood participation in the petition’s review), and if the student is found meeting Knighthood requirements, the student undergoes the trials. The trials consist of a questionnaire measuring the student’s understanding of the Force, the Jedi path and what it means to represent the Praxeum as a Knight. A program defining ‘Mastery’ is currently not a priority at the Praxeum.

How much time commitment is expected?

It generally takes a year for a student to become a Knight, a lifetime to continue developing one’s own Knighthood.

Does training in the organization cost money? Any member fees?

There currently are no fees or money for participation in Praxeum studies.

Are there other groups the Organization has positive affiliations with?


Does the Organization have political views/values that align with a certain party or disposition?

The sharing of political views or delving into political discussion is something not encouraged at Praxeum. Such discussions are felt as general policy a detractor for serious Jedi studies are not conducive to peaceful social interaction.

Does the Organization participate in any philanthropic activities?

Praxeum has not taken an official philanthropic position but instead leaves that to the individual member to conduct themselves as their hearts will allow.

Is the Organization open to LGBTQ members?

Yes. Always. The Praxeum does not discriminate and all are equal and worthy to conduct

themselves with all freedom and absence of prejudice if no harm comes to any other member of the Praxeum or anyone the Praxeum serves by extension. The new, temporary chief administrator is Bisexual and falls under other parts of that spectrum

as well.

Is the Organization open to members with mental illnesses/ disabilities?

Yes. The only requirements for Praxeum membership are demonstrated maturity and a

seriousness toward one’s own path.

The new, temporary chief administrator is ADHD and has technically 5 other disabilities; as per the ADA and modern medicine.

What is the Organization’s website and/or discord channel?


There is currently no venue outside of the pages of Facebook and its related Messenger

application. A website is under way but it may be several months until it is ready.

Who is the main point of contact for the Organization?

Currently that is Karen Schwob-Ticknor. As of January 2 2023, she will be taking a leave of absence and Orenda (Michael Grace) will be filling in for her.

Are the leaders visible or easily reachable for communication by initiates/students?

Yes. Mostly through Messenger.

Does the Organization host gatherings/meetings with its members?

Meetings with members are normally conducted through text or video on Messenger. In person gatherings are something that has been discussed and Praxeum is looking forward to holding in the future.