Welcome to the Jedi community


Guidelines for how to become part of the Welcome Packet is currently being drafted. Stay tuned for update!

Many leaders across the community have gotten together to pull resources and information to hopefully make navigating the community a little easier for you. The community is made of many different Orders and Jedi spaces each unique in their own way. Many newcomers come into the community expecting Jedi to exactly follow the fiction when in reality as a community we have evolved past the lore. We are not cosplayers pretending to be other Jedi from the fiction, we are Jedi Realists/Jediist. There are a few Jedi that participate in cosplay specifically for fundraising and charity events for children and there are others that also use Jedi garb and lightsabers for special events, ceremonies, or in general because we like the aesthetic but it is not at all required.

The Jedi community is actually quite diverse and versatile due to the many ways the Path can be explored, you could almost think of each Order like a different denomination/interpretation. Some people approach the Path as a religion, others as a philosophy, or even both. I find that this is usually determined by what a Jedi believes the Force is. I hope the diversity offers you the freedom to explore what the Path and the Force means to you so you may find a community or organization in which those beliefs align with. 

Many Jedi Organizations have formed around a doctrine of their own making, but in 2013 a survey went out into the Jedi community (recently updated in 2022) in an effort to find common ground with both these doctrines and Jedi untethered to an Order. The information gathered was then used to create the Jedi Compass, so it was essentially made for and by the Jedi Community and represents a foundational set of beliefs universally agreed upon by most Jedi. It is not a complete representation of standards in other Jedi Orders so I encourage you to read through their own doctrines and codes to get a more complete picture.

The Jedi Compass is available to read here, and if you are interested to read the various works submitted to supplement and create the Jedi Compass book, that is available here.

If you are still unsure if this Path is right for you. I’d encourage you to hang out and get a general feel for the different types of discussions Jedi are having in spaces such as:


Jedi Church

Jedaii Atlas

If you’re looking for a Jedi Order to train in and start your Jedi Path to Knighthood but don’t know where to go for training we have compiled information of some of the different Orders to help guide you to a group that resonates with you. There are both written and video interviews available for each of the following orders:

International Jedi Federation

Force Academy

Temple of the Jedi Order

Jedi Conclave

Jedi Praxeum

This is by no means a complete list of Orders that exist in the community and hope to continue seeing it grow and evolve with time. If any Order on the current list piques your interest I recommend you take some time to join their groups and join their conversations before committing to a program. Some of the training can be quite rigorous so while we have a few people who enjoy challenging themselves and have trained in multiple Orders it is typically recommended to start and finish a program before moving on. Remember that there are multiple ways up the same mountain so even if you start a program and come to find it is not for you or recognize that you thrive better in a different learning environment there is no shame in advocating for what is best for you. In fact many of the leaders in the different Orders know the various teaching styles available across the community and are willing to help guide you to a space that might be better suited for you. I do want to make something clear though, you do not need to be a part of a Jedi Order to be a Jedi. There are many solo practitioners that prefer to explore the Path on their own.

If you are looking for other ways to contribute to the community, Jedi CAN (Community Action Network) is always looking for Jedi to join in their effort of providing help to others in need through peer support, energy healing, resource gathering, and helping raise funds for victims of catastrophes. Regardless of where you are on your journey, know that we are happy you made it here. Please feel free to ask questions in any of the spaces mentioned. We are all working together and in communication with one another so in the unlikely event someone doesn’t know a specific answer we can find or redirect you to someone who can. 


May the force be with you