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JEDInsider is a new project developed by some leaders in the Jedi Community to help with coordination between groups and members. This newsletter will be created throughout the year and highlight subjects related to Jedi Realism.

JEDInsider Facebook group allows the Jedi Community voice to be heard. Members can discuss topics they wish to see in the newsletter, create content, share upcoming events and lessons, share their personal stories, and much more.

Email JEDInisder at jedinsider@gmail.com if there is something you wish to say but not publicly.

Jedi Church


Video Interview with Christine Leddon

 This Facebook group is a place to share your ideas on what the force means to you, and to ask questions of the community.

Jedaii Atlas



Heroes of a Thousand faces.

What is a Jedi? Can one definition fully explain them?

Jedi Realisms core philosophies and maxims were derived from a veritable mish-mash of real cultures, religions, ideologies, doctrines, and practices.  Those were then interlaced with Science Fiction, fantasy, and folklore.

So is it a stretch to believe that various ancient cultures which practiced and believed in core Jedi principles could be also referred to as..Jedi? Can we clearly define the future of the term “Jedi Realist”?

Within the online environment of Jedi Atlas, there are no cultural or philosophical boundaries.  If various expressions of Jedi and the study of the force are discovered we take the opportunity to examine and learn from them.  If those within our honorable circle are not attracted to a particular topic or discussion we give them the freedom to simply detach and discard it from their thoughts.

We do not limit ourselves only to ideals found within the galaxy of Star Wars. There is no need to maintain attachments. We endeavor to explore both fantasy and reality for teachable lessons.  If it helps to elevate our thinking and understanding of the force and Jedi ways then it has value.

We challenge our participants to find meaningful connections and create viable, healthy developmental pathways.

Jedi Community Action Network



Video Interview with Rosalyn Johnson

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