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The Force Holocron (FH) is a designated website to share free information for those who wish to explore the Jedi Realist path.

– Welcome Packet- Information provided by Orders/Groups in the community. Included in the packet, orders provide a Q&A, video interview, and links to find more Information and join. 

– Magazines- Force Realist and JEDInsider editions.

– Resources- A list of information gathered throughout the community to help assist people on their journey.

– Jedi Around the World- An interactive world map, to see locations of other Jedi.

Dates: July 25-28, 2024

Mark the date!!! The 2024 Annual Jedi
Gathering has been set. This year the
Gathering will be in Acworth, GA. Give
yourself a New’s Year’s Goal to attend
your first Offline Gathering and sign up at
the link below!

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